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Cool Rustic Collection by
Made In America


Cool Rustic is made from Solid American Maple & Solid Birch with a heavily distressed and antiqued finish that makes every piece unique.


The Cool Rustic Collection is proudly Made in America by 600 artisans working in the Virginia mountains. All of the maple lumber used to create this elegant collection comes from within a day's drive of our factory. Every Cool Rustic piece is available in three finishes - Mink, Stone Grey, and Amber.


1_174-XBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 2_174-XBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb
6_174-LeatherBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 7_174-LeatherBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb


1_170-XBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 2_170-XBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb
6_170-LeatherBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 7_170-LeatherBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb


Stone Grey
1_172-XBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 2_172-XBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb
6_172-LeatherBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 7_172-LeatherBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb




cr-amber-finish cr-mink-finish cr-stone-grey-finish


Heritage Collection by
Made In America


Heritage is a traditionally styled solid wood bedroom collection from Artisan & Post.


Amish Cherry
110-1-1_thumb 110-2-1_thumb
110-3-1_thumb 110-4-1_thumb


Cobblestone Oak
1_170-XBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 2_170-XBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb
6_170-LeatherBed_Dresser_NightStand_thumb 7_170-LeatherBedStorage_Dresser_NightStand_thumb


Greystone (Grey)
114-1-1_thumb 114-2-1_thumb
114-3-1_thumb 114-4-1_thumb


110-003-2_thumb 112-003-2_thumb 114-003-2_thumb








Maple Road Collection by
Made In America


The Maple Road Collection is proudly Made in America by 600 artisans working in the Virginia mountains. All of the solid maple used to create this elegant collection comes from within a day’s drive of our factory. Every piece of Maple Road is available in all three finishes—Antique Amish, Maple Syrup and Weathered Gray.


Antique Amish
118-1-1_thumb 118-1-2_thumb
118-2-1_thumb 118-2-2_thumb


Maple Syrup
117-1-1_thumb 117-1-2_thumb
117-2-1_thumb 117-2-2_thumb


Weathered Gray
115-1-1_thumb 115-1-2_thumb
115-2-2_thumb 115-2-3_thumb


antique-amish118 maple-syrup117 weathered-gray115


Passageways Collection by
Made In America


  • Passageways is part of our LM Co Home line of bedrooms designed in partnership by Ben & Erin Napier of HGTV fame. This collection highlights the very best of solid, American hardwood design. There are three distinct finish options; Charleston Brown, Deep Sand, and Oyster Grey. Two beds designs to choose from; Mansion bed with deep multi-step panels and our Louvered bed with horizonal faux louvers on the headboard

    Charleston Brown
    140-1-1_thumb 140-2-1_thumb
    140-3-1_thumb 140-4-1_thumb


    Deep Sand
    141-1-1_thumb 141-2-1_thumb
    141-3-1_thumb 162-1-1_thumb


    Oyster Grey
    144-1-1_thumb 144-2-1_thumb
    144-3-1_thumb 144-4-1_thumb


    140_charleston_brown_finish_thumb 141_deep_sand_finish_thumb 144_oyster_grey_finish_thumb


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